Thursday, 27 August 2015

Splashdown - Flight S4 Descends into the Norwegian Sea

The first report came in this morning at 0430Z (00:30 EDT) with a single station LA9JO reporting until 0654 when it was joined by SM0EPX/RX2. Only once did we see as many as four stations reporting, with the last one at 1130Z (07:30 EDT) heard by OH3HTI and again by SM0EPX.

The last altitude reported was 1,120 metres, down from 8000 metres. The Flight S-4 status page estimates it ditched at 1135Z after a steady descent of 920 metres per minute, just about the time I was on the repeater telling Geoff VA3GS how well it was doing.

Looking forward to the next flight.


  1. This is pretty incredible fun for a payload carried by a couple of party balloons

  2. I'm looking forward to Dave VE3KCL presenting at our club meeting on November 3rd. Maybe after that we could look at replicating it or maybe doing something even a bit more ambitious. I'm sure the electronics package could do with some work, especially with respect to power consumption.