Monday, 3 August 2015

YRARC Hamfest 1988

I don't know much about this hamfest, although it probably happened on Guy Fawkes Day (November 5) as that was the first Saturday of the month (although that tradition is not firmly established even now). Maybe someone who was there would like to comment - or even someone who wasn't there. Anyway from Bob VE3WY through Rob VE3RQB a bunch of old photos came in to my possession (if anyone else has photos please lend them to me so I can scan them for posterity).

So far I've scanned 8, which is about 5% of what I have. I'll be continuing to scan and to post them on the blog and elsewhere. Old timers are encouraged to contribute stories about those in the photos, many of whom I have never met, and some of whom I will never meet in this life.

I have always appreciated things from the past and am happy to see these items which I can include in the club archives.

Let`s see who can be the first to identify the two hams in the photo below.



  1. Doug CWO and Neil SST..

  2. Correct! Doug now uses VE3VS, but still holds the VE3CWO call. Does anyone know where this was? I don't recognise the location.