Saturday, 15 August 2015

EmComm Newsletter July 2015

From Robert VA3BXG

[First published, July 26th, 2015]

Welcome to the first, and I hope an ongoing semi-regular newsletter, from EmComm to our serviced partners and other interested parties.

It is my plan to reach out on some sort of regular bases to update the goings on of the EmComm group.

So let’s start.

Since some agencies were involved in the Pan Am games, we inventoried and updated the City of Markham’s EOC radios to ensure everything was operational in case of a Pan Am incident.
We are reaching out to the region to continue the dialog between the parties. We are attempting to improve the communications and attention needed to ensure no stone goes unturned.

We have reached out to a couple of municipalities to let them know we are here to help, and hopefully ensure when moving forward that we cover all our bases.

A couple of agencies have asked us to for input in developing long term plans for their EOC. This includes suggestions on what type of equipment should be considered for inclusion on any changes/additions to the operational centres.

We have reached out to Richmond Hill and plan to do the same in the next little while to Vaughan and Aurora.

We held a successful parallel exercise with the King Township & East Gwillimbury in May. A report was written and some actionable items were identified.

In October there will be the annual SET exercise for all ARES/ EmComm groups within the GTA as well.  Tentatively, the amateur radio section of the PEOC (Provincial Emergency Operations Centre) will also participate.

The next ARES GTA meeting will be held at the end of the month of August [August 23].  These meeting are designed to ensure co-operation between the various ARES groups that service the GTA.  If anyone is interested in obtaining more information please let me know.  Some of the topics that are currently being discussed is the 'standardization' of digital communication across the region and the province, mutual aid areas and getting updates from the Radio Canada/Industry Canada arenas.

Right now the regular meeting of the group has been suspended due to the Summer break, but will resume in September.

If you have any questions, please feel free in contacting us at EmComm/ARES.

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