Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Thoughts on Field Day Catering

By Peter Burgess VE3PBT

The message I have been receiving over the last year or so is concern over the use of club funds and the lack of income. As food /refreshments: as in coffee and snacks at each meeting , AGM barbeque , Field day , and Christmas Party are probably one of the largest expenses the club incurs on an annual basis. Field day and AGM BBQ amount to approximately $1400.00 a year. Meeting costs and Christmas Party are not handled by me therefore the costs are not known by me.

In the last two years we have off set the field day cost by charging those attending a $10.00 for three meals, Lunch, supper, breakfast and beverages. The meals are not the cheapest of fare or the most expensive we have tried to provide good appetizing food at the least cost, but as we all realize the additional taxes hydro costs and cap and trade are increasing.

  • 2014 Field Day food costs were $814.00
  • 2015 Field Day food costs were $844.00 $30 increase aprox. 3.7%
  • 2016 Field Day food costs were $864.00 $20 increase aprox. 2.3%
The small increase in costs from 2014 are due to reducing deserts, buying large cuts of meat, using existing club supplies and consistently looking out for reduced or special prices 2017 PREDICTED COST up (13%) $976.00 based on the same format we have been using for previous meals and including replacing the basic club supplies (paper plates, knives, forks, spoons, napkins and many misalliances other items).

Normally we base the cost for the kitchen on 50 people (by working a little magic we can handle up to 60 for the same amount)

  • $976 divided by 50 = $19.57 each round to $20.00
  • If these costs are too high, there are various options to reduce the clubs expenditures.
    • Each person brings their own food, club supplies the beverages.
    • Reduce the menu to simple fair by purchasing food at Nofrills etc. using the same assessment of $10
    • Keeping the same format and increasing the assessment to $20.00
And the club picks up the cost of propane, gas and toilets

We are open to other suggestions and options but the final date for commitment and payment will be at the AGM meeting in June

Peter Burgess