Thursday, 30 April 2015

Minutes - YRARC Board of Directors - 2015-03-17

Meeting held in the Newmarket Community Centre. Called to order at 19:00. Chaired by Chris VE3NRT. Board members attending; Chris VE3NRT, Rob VE3RQB, Chris VA3DXZ, Eric VE3EB, Barry VA3LLT, Steve VE3UT, David VA3DCY, John VA3JI. Board members absent; Geoff VA3GS. Guests attending; Robert VA3BXG
  1. Adoption of Feb 17, 2015 board meeting minutes
    • Motion 2015-03-17-01 by Chris VA3DXZ to adopt Feb 17, 2015 board meeting minutes as published in the splatter blog at, seconded by David VA3DCY. Motion carried.
  2. Agenda
    • Motion 2015-03-17-02 by Steve VE3UT to adopt agenda, seconded by John VA3JI. Motion carried
  3. Governance
    • Treasurer’s report – John VA3JI
      • Bank balance at February month end is [available to members from Secretary upon request]
      • Income: $100.00 in donations, $25.00 in dues
      • Expenses: $649.08 directors and officers Insurance, $600.00 for the repeater controller, $28.15 for trailer maintenance, $181.87 for repeater maintenance, $48.16 for trailer maintenance
      • Bank balance as of Mar 17, 2015 is [available to members from Secretary upon request]
    • Club Audit– John VA3JI
      • John VA3JI will meet with Bob Rennie VA3BSJ this week.
      • John VA3JI requested that the board confirm the audit period.
      • Chris VE3NRT indicated that the audit should align with the fiscal year of the club. No one present could confirm the fiscal year period for the club. Chris VA3DXZ took the action to review the articles of incorporation to confirm the fiscal year for the club.
      • Chris VE3NRT advised the board that there are legislative changes proposed for not for profit corporations that the Board will need to familiarize itself with.
      • Motion 2015-03-17-03 by Chris VA3DXZ that the audit period be May 1 2014 to April 30 2015, seconded by Barry VA3LLT. Motion carried.
    • Property Insurance – John VA3JI
      • Motion 2015-03-17-04 by John VA3JI to increase existing insurance coverage to cover the balance of the equipment listed in the asset schedule, not already covered by the existing policy, for a cost of $640.00 per year in addition to the existing policy cost, and subject to the approval of the membership, seconded by Barry VA3LLT.
      • John VA3JI noted a co-insurance risk under the existing policy. Since the listed assets are not covered at full value, a co-insurance arrangement exists with the club being partially responsible for a loss, beyond the value of the deductible.
      • John will request a copy of the schedule of assets and review for accuracy against our asset list
      • John to confirm what the deductible value is and if the coverage is replacement cost
      • Motion carried
  4. Property
    • Bales road permission letter has not been received by the board
    • Hilomast lubrication is completed
    • Motion 2015-03-17-05 by Rob VE3RQB, that $5.64 is allocated to cover the cost of purchasing Safety Break Defroster for the Hilomast, seconded by Steve VE3UT. Motion carried
  5. Repeaters
    • Report on VE3YRK gateway – Chris VE3NRT
      • Not much progress since the last update to the club. The US Trust system and Dongle are still an issue. Work is continuing.
    • Report on VE3YRA, and VE3YRC-UHF and VE3YRC-UVHF - Steve VE3UT
      • New controller shipped on Monday March 16th
      • Funding allocated for repeater maintenance and incidental expenses under motion 2014-12-16-04 for $200.00 is now consumed except for $18.13. Steve VE3UT provided a report detailing the expenses incurred against motion 2014-12-16-04.
      • Motion 2015-03-17-06 by Steve VE3UT to close the balance of $18.13 on motion 2014-12-16-04 and to allocate $200.00 for repeater maintenance and incidental expenses to July 1, 2015, seconded by John VA3JI. Motion carried
      • 6m repeater project is on a temporary hold due to weather conditions causing limited access to the club storage trailer
      • The IRLP computer is being flooded with IPv6 packets from the internet. Steve VE3UT will send the log to Chris VE3NRT
      • Steve VE3UT is looking for clarification on the YRP request to have YRARC assist in outfitting their trailer with an amateur radio repeater
        • Robert VA3BXG clarified that YRP will be considered an EmComm site with an EmComm member assigned to it
        • Steve VE3UT suggested we consider recommending a system fusion repeater.
        • Chris VE3NRT requested that the repeater committee be involved in making a recommendation to YRP
    • Backup Power Status– Steve VE3UT
      • VE3YRC-VHF has no backup utility power but does have dedicated battery backup for the repeater and the capability to connect an external generator
      • VE3YRC-UHF has no backup utility power or battery backup
      • VE3YRK has no backup utility power or battery backup
      • VE3YRA has backup utility power
      • Steve VE3UT is working with a contact he has who is considering donating batteries to the club to backup the repeater sites
  6. Events and public service
    • Eric VE3EB reported that the calendar is beginning to fill up. The Sharon Temple is looking for support each Saturday in June, July and August. This is a new request that the club will need to assess.
    • Summer Field Day – Steve VE3UT reported that he is preparing a field day questionnaire to be distributed at the next club meeting to get input from members on what they would like to see at Field Day
  7. EmComm - Robert VA3BXG
    • Contact Information – The board has requested a list of EmComm contacts within the various municipalities in York Region to ensure the board has the ability to maintain continuity with municipal stakeholders while the leadership of the EmComm group is open.
      • Chris VA3DXZ reported that contact information for each site supported by EmComm is documented in the site packages maintained by the EmComm lead for the site.
    • EmComm leadership – Chris VE3NRT will announce at the next club meeting that the club is looking for a volunteer to lead EmComm, and that anyone interested in putting their name forward should contact Chris VA3DXZ
    • Motion 2015-03-17-07 by Eric VE3EB, that Robert VA3BXG is named acting EmComm leader until such time as a permanent replacement is voted in by the EmComm group, seconded by David VA3DCY. Motion carried.
Motion 2015-03-17-08 by Eric VE3EB to adjourn meeting, seconded by David VA3DCY. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 21:30pm

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Minutes ARES/EmComm On-Air Meeting, 2015-04-23

Thursday, April 23, 2015 - 19:30h Repeater VE3YRC/V

  1. Welcome 19:30 by Net Control Robert VA3BXG (Richmond Hill)
  2. Check-In
    • Chris VE3NRT (Aurora)
    • Eric VE3EB (Newmarket)
    • Charlie VE3SYK (King)
    • Brian VA3BAH/M (NewMarket)
  3. Discussion May 2 YR Fair.
    • Chris volunteered to move the trailer to and from the fair site
    • Discussion on promotional material to be used at fair. Eric stated he will send some old pamphlets to Robert for possible inclusion. He did state that there would be a need to update some of the information
  4. Future areas of discussion during the net.
    • Chris suggested that we use the net to practice passing messages in analog and digital mode.
Net Closed 19:45. Next net May 28 19:30 on VE3YRC/V