Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Minutes, YRARC General Meeting - 2016-01-05

Meeting held in the Sharon Temperance Hall. Called to Order at 19:35 by Steve VE3UT. Total members and guests attending: 39. Guests attending: 4
  1. Welcome & Introductions – Steve VE3UT
  2. Adoption of Minutes from 2015/11/03 and 2015/12/01. Moved by John VE3IPS, seconded Rick VA3VO. Carried.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – John VA3JI. Presented by Geoff VA3GS
    • Opening Balance 2015/12/01 [Available to members upon request to secretary]
    • Income
      • Facilities refund Markham Fairgrounds $502.51
      • Dues $150.00
    • Expenditures
      • December meeting food (Barry) $158.20
      • December meeting food (Geoff) $51.62
      • Hamfest reimbursement (Geoff) $4,901.35
      • Trailer maintenance $28.28
    • Closing Balance 2016/01/01 [Available to members upon request to secretary]
    • Motion that the treasurer's report be adopted, moved Geoff VA3GS, seconded Garrett VA3PYP. Carried.
  4. Property – Rob VE3RQB requested a go kit inventory check for tonight, after the break. Missing items will be replaced at a later date. Eric VE3EB will reprogram the radios tonight.
  5. EmComm Report: none
  6. Public Service Report: none
  7. Membership Report – Alf VA3BLE: We now have a total of 73 members with an additional $80.00 collected in membership dues.
  8. Repeaters – Steve VE3UT
    • Motion by Steve VE3UT that the board be authorized to spend up to $200.00 for the purchase of two LowLossPWRGates and necessary connecting cables, for the link radios at Richmond Hill and Bloomington Rd. These units would be inserted between the power supplies, batteries and link radios to keep the radios running during a power failure, and allow the batteries to recharge when power returns. Moved Charlie VE3SYK, seconded Benny VE3MUU. Carried.
    • VE3YRK (D-STAR) has malfunctioned recently, however after a reset and no fault found, it is still working. The repeaters will now default to 'local' when not in use (ie not connected to reflectors). This was done to keep the transmitters from running almost continuously, in an effort to reduce the hydro costs for the site owner. It will be necessary to establish a link when required, and the links should be shut down when finished (code 73).
  9. Winter Field Day: Steve VE3UT: The conditions were poor (RF noise) at last year's Winter Field Day, with often few contacts being made. The organization that ran last year's event is no longer running WFD. It was decided to nor repeat the event this year.
    • 2015 Winter Field Day results for VE3YRA:
    • QSO's – 143, Multiplier – 11, Bonus – 2000 (away from home on emergency power)
    • Total score – 3577, Top score was – 15,145 by W8MAI, VE3YRA placed 26th out of 75 participating stations
    • We might consider the RAC Canada Winter Contest (held in December) and possibly use the Bales Rd location.
  10. HF Report:
    • The ARRL National Parks on the Air event in 2016, a year long event is similar to the ARRL Centennial event in 2014. Report P5 (North Korea) activity. North Korea (P5): Dom, 3Z9DX (from Poland) operated unexpectedly from P5 on Dec 20th on 10, 15, 20 meters with 100 watts into a vertical tied to a 7' tall fencepost (surrounded by high rise buildings) with 100 watts. Noise level was high and prop was poor due to geomagnetic storm. The equipment was left in Pyongyang when he flew out on Dec 22. Plans are to return in February and possibly operate from a different location.
    • Jack VA3UU has worked all Africa (with cards to prove it).
    • Doug VE3VS mentioned that CY0 on Sable island will be going on air soon.
    • 6m has open recently, and there is a new 6m repeater in Parry Sound.
After the break the annual January Mini Hamfest & Go Kit Inspection was held. Meeting adjourned at 20:10. Moved by Brian VE3IBW, seconded Jack VA3UU. Carried.