Friday, 14 February 2014

February General Meeting - Minutes

Meeting held at the Sharon Temperance Hall. Called to order at 19:30. Chaired by Chris VE3NRT
  1. Introductions completed. 32 members and 3 guests in attendance
  2. Minutes Jan 7th general meeting; motion by Rob VE3RQB to approve the minutes, seconded by Brian VE3IBW. Motion carried.
  3. President’s advisory committee – Chris VE3NRT is looking for volunteers for the president’s advisory committee. If interested please contact Chris.
  4. Field Day 2014 - Steve VE3UT reported that the band captains are in place. Steve requested that the board place a priority on the tower trailer repairs. Chris reported that the board has set up a committee to work the issue. Barry VA3LLT is leading the committee. Steve indicated he is still looking into alternate public locations, such as the Ballantrae fire hall, and in Oak Ridges near the lake. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  5. Treasurer’s report – John VA3JI reported that there were no transactions for the month of January. The balance at the end of January remains as it was at the end of December [balance available to members upon request].
  6. 6 Meter Net - Chris VE3NRT reported that there has been good participation. The net has been running for 5 weeks and details can be found on the Splatter Blog
  7. Splatter Blog – Chris VE3NRT did a demo of the splatter blog
  8. Emcomm Report - Richard VE3NSD reported on the Jan 30th RAC meeting held in Mississauga that he and Russell VA3WTR attended. New ARES programs can be expected. Russell has been named RAC EOC (emergency operations coordinator). Terry VE3ODM reported on the site readiness project kicked off by Emcomm. Phase 1 to consist of 4 sites, 3 ground sites plus the trailer. Emcomm has a designated member for each site who has committed to do an initial site survey, followed by regular inspections and basic maintenance. The designated member will be responsible for managing the interface between YRARC and the regional or municipal site contacts. Emcomm is looking for addition people to step forward to fulfill various roles in emergency communications. Next Emcomm meeting will be held next Thursday Feb 13, at 7pm.
  9. Doug VE3VS reported that 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the ARRL and to celebrate there is a Centennial QSO Party underway in which W1AW will be operating portable in each state and most territories. Each week 2 states come on the air. This week it is Hawaii and Georgia, all bands, all modes.
  • Break at 22:10
  • Special guest Keith Goobie VA3YC to present the LSR system
  • Meeting adjourned at 21:00

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