Thursday, 20 February 2014


A short note to update you on the D-STAR / D-RATS tests conducted last night by Brad VE3HII and me. We chatted for approximately an hour using a combination of Simplex on 145.670 and the DStar repeater VE3YRK @ 147.180.

Brad and I were easily able to connect on simplex from his location in Richmond Hill to mine in Uxbridge and spent most of the time on that frequency.

We conducted several tests including chat - file transfers and broadcast messages and had great results.

Specifically, the broadcast message feature where we demonstrated the ability to transmit a message – that would be received by all on frequency – that was several paragraphs in length and contained a great deal of text and information. A larger three paragraph message was sent in 12 seconds.

Not only that BUT we did this on simplex AND on the repeater AND while transmitting voice at the same time. The D-STAR radios that the club have are of course easily and seamlessly able to toggle back and forth between voice and data with ease.

This broadcast feature in combination with voice is of course a great tool and easily established ad hoc network in the event of an EmComm – EMO situation…. When all the smartphones are dead…

In order to “exercise the muscle” as they say and have more folks try and get comfortable with this – Brad and I are going to meet on 145.670 and/or 147.180 each Monday night @ 8:30 pm – Following the 6M net for those that do both. Perhaps using the D-STAR broadcast to post the 6M results.

If you are interested in joining in – I would highly recommend this for EmComm members – Brad and I will meet you there. We have lots of other things that we would like to test try and get comfortable with such as linking through other repeaters like LSR.

BR and 73

Steve – Ve3eZ

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