Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Field Day 2015: Score Not Dampened by Weather

Steve VE3UT delivered his Field Day Report at the September 1st club meeting. He noted that this was the best club score in 3 years, despite the miserable weather, which we are blaming for the decline in attendance. We're looking forward to bigger and better in 2016.

Total attendance536169
Total QSO's1,2001,1771,240
160 phone2163
160 CW-44
80 phone6216163
80 CW10--
40 phone271-103
40 CW522306255
40 digital12026438
20 phone100276298
20 CW---
20 digital2320114
15 phone21606
15 CW---
15 digital12590
10 phone102-
10 CW---
10 digital---
6 phone234678
6 CW-27
Total bonus points1,0109901,190
Emergency poweryesyesyes
Media publicityyesyesyes
Copy W1AW messageyesyesyes
Satellite bonusyesyesyes
Natural power QSOnoyesyes
Visit by served agencyyesnoyes
Visit by elected officialnonono
Youth participationyesnoyes
GOTA bonusyesyesyes
Educational displaynonono
Submitted onlineyesyesyes
Information boothnonono
Set up in public placenonono
Power multiplier< 150W< 150W< 150W
TOTAL CLAIMED SCORE3,7523,5983,496

Steve VE3UT - Field Day Director

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