Sunday, 6 September 2015

Junk in the Trunk 2015

This year's Junk in the Trunk seemed to have more selection than usual. Maybe it was just that I didn't wait until it was almost over to show up this time. Geoff VA3GS knew I was looking for a way to put a wire antenna in the trees and noticed a tennis ball slingshot with an attached fishing reel that I tried out almost as soon as I got it home and had a successful launch on the first attempt.

It was good to get see some of the club members who we haven't seen since Field Day or the AGM. Here's a quick video of the merchandise.

The smooth fast motion was, as you might have guessed if you watched all the way to the end, courtesy of Microsoft Hyperlapse, which is available as a no-cost trial until October 1, 2015. Click on the picture below to see some more photos of the event.

It was a beautiful day to get together, find some of those items we were looking for, and to talk about ham radio.

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