Thursday, 3 September 2015

Volunteer at the Hamfest - Top 10 Reasons

From the September 2005 Splatter

  1. Be part of the team of the #1 Hamfest in Ontario
  2. Get into the Hamfest for free
  3. It's a fun day for a few hours work
  4. A chance to meet fellow Hams
  5. Opportunity to pick up the odd Christmas present
  6. A chance to participate in another aspect of the hobby
  7. Variety of volunteer "activities" to choose from
  8. Be involved in the "behind-the-scenes" aspects of a Hamfest
  9. Jan (ed: now Geoff) will stop petering you to sign up
  10. It's the Club's (your Club's) primary source of money. The success of the Hamfest ensures a sound financial basis for the Club.
I'll add to this that for high school students it may also count for community service hours. Contact Geoff for more information.

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  1. cant wait for hamfest. hope i can get a good price on a rig ;)