Saturday, 23 May 2015

Upcoming Events

With the warm weather comes event seasons, and the club is off and running with several events to support in June. We've already had the SET exercise with ARES teams from around the GTA and the York Region Emergency Preparedness Fair.

Here's the current list of committed activities. Some of them still need more help so please consider offering your time to the events as indicated below.

  • On May 29th our EmComm group will be participating an a municipal exercise to provide a guard network to communicate between several Emergency Operations Centres.
  • The Mothers Against Drunk Driving motorcycle poker run happens on May 31st.
  • On June 5th, we're in the Mount Albert Sports Parade. The communications trailer may participate in the parade if enough volunteers are secured. We still need 3 more volunteers for this event.
  • The Mount Albert run is on June 6th. We have 6 volunteers so far and need two more.
  • On June 7th we have the Aurora Street Festival with needing 16 volunteers. We have 11 so far and need 5 more. The communications trailer will be in use at this event.
  • ARRL Field Day will set up at Al's Tack Shop on Friday the 26th of June and will require both the communication and antenna tower trailers. Please contact band captains to volunteer for setting up or operating a station.
  • We will need 2 or 3 volunteers to support the Sharon Temple opening event.
With many of our members volunteering to support the Pan-Am games, we'll be stretched in July and August to support our events during that period. We ask all members to make time to support our community and our club during this busy season.


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