Saturday, 2 May 2015

Cool Stuff at the York Region Emergency Preparedness Fair

Lots to see at the Fair today. Don VE3IXJ impressed the East Gwillimbury Fire Department with his $100 portable simplex repeater. The paint can is not only inexpensive but waterproof, which is an important requirement when your job is to make everything wet!

We were also impressed by the York Central Fire's mobile antenna platform. It also serves as a pretty good ladder. Maybe next year we'll shunt feed it for 160m operation.

Both East Gwillimbury Fire and the YRP have air boats. We don't have a lot of swamps and definitely no gators but a standard boat propeller doesn't work too well through a layer of ice.

Also check @yr_amateurradio on twitter for more pictures.

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  1. This was an awesome community event and our participation was well received by the attendees