Sunday, 20 March 2016

Club Repeaters Get Backup Power

From Steve VE3UT - Club Vice-President and Repeater Committee Chair

I am pleased to report that we now have backup power on all our analog repeaters and links (except 6m). The last repeater to get backup, VE3YRC UHF, now has four batteries to keep it running for a short term power outage. The link radio connected to VE3YRC UHF, which links it to VE3YRA, also has back up power, currently one battery.

I did not plan for backup on the VE3YRC 6m repeater (at the same location) because it is a low use machine. If club members or EmComm desire it to also be backed up. we could look at this in the future. The power outage script which alerts users that the repeater is on battery power has not yet been implemented on YRC UHF. I need to purchase some hardware and install at the site...coming soon.

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