Friday, 18 March 2016

Minutes - YRARC Board of Directors Meeting 2016-01-19

Meeting held in the Magna Centre, multi purpose room 1. Called to Order at 19:00 by Chris VE3NRT
Board members attending: Chris VE3NRT, Steve VE3UT, John VA3JI, Geoff VA3GS, Eric VE3EB, Barry VA3LLT, David VA3DCY, Rob VE3RQB, Doug VE3ATP and Alf VA3BLE. Others attending: none
  1. Agenda: Chris VE3NRT. Agenda adopted without changes. Moved by John VA3JI, seconded by Steve VE3UT to accept the agenda. Carried
  2. Minutes: David VA3DCY. Moved by Alf VA3BLE, seconded by Steve VE3UT to accept the minutes of the 2015/12/15 BoD meeting. Carried
  3. Treasurer's Report: John VA3JI.
    • Opening balance 2016/01/01 [Available to members on request to club secretary]
    • Revenue: None
    • Expenditures: None
    • Balance Unchanged
    • Moved by John VA3JI seconded by Geoff VA3GS to adopt the treasurer's report. Carried.
  4. Repeaters: Steve VE3UT. A work party was at the Hospital VE3YRC-U site on Monday Jan 18. 4 batteries were brought to the site for the repeater and 1 battery for the link radio. Old cabinets and junk were removed. A new repeater link map is ready and was shown to the board, copies to be emailed to the board members.
  5. IRLP/Echolink: Chris VE3NRT. Equipment is being build and scripts loaded (RaspberryPi). We will keep the same node number and the IRLP portion will be done first, since the IRLP project supports IRLP only, not IRLP/Echolink. When working, a backup will be made, and then progress to IRLP/Echolink. Next steps, install the software, modify the IRLP board, test with a radio and run an antenna cable.
  6. Membership: Alf VA3BLE reported we added 5 new members at the January general meeting: 3 regular and 2 family memberships. We now have 73 members total, 70 voting members.
  7. Meeting Schedule: Geoff VA3GS.
    • On February 2, Trevor VE3SLT will speak on his trip west.
    • In March Mike VE3MKX will speak on fraud (possibly at the beginning of the meeting).
    • Bob VE3WY will be the April speaker
    • Jeff VA3DOC is scheduled for May to talk about drones (possibly at the beginning of the meeting).
    • The January mini hamfest had little for sale or trade, and should we have something different next year?
    • The Makers Group will be holding a self-study course, led by John VE3IPS with help from Mike VA3MCT.
  8. Property: Rob VE3RQB will change the codes on both trailers (EmComm and tower), and possibly change the lock on the storage container. Rob will mention at the next general meeting, if anyone is planning to bring material to the storage container, or remove material from the container, to please contact him first. There are still D-STAR radio to be programmed. Rob will continue to request that they be returned at the next general meeting (and meetings to follow if required). Geoff VA3GS noted there may potentially be a new frequency list for GTA wide use with repeater and simplex frequencies, plus a block allocated for individual clubs and groups to use.
  9. Other business: None.
Meeting adjourned at 20:12. Moved by Geoff VA3GS and seconded by Barry VA3LLT. Carried.

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