Monday, 19 January 2015

SPAR Winter Field Day - N1MM User Defined Contest File

If you’ve been trying out N1MM Logger+ in preparation for SPAR Winter Field Day, you may have noticed that it is not one of the predefined contests. Don’t panic! N1MM Logger+ allows the creation of “User Defined Contests” which are quite flexible. I found an old contest definition on the web and modified it a bit. I took out the unnecessary signal report fields and made separate fields for the class, section and temperature. I also set it up to track sections even though they are not multipliers (just like Summer Field Day). There is no provision for SSTV or Satellite, just phone, CW and RTTY/PSK. I don’t expect we’ll be racking up a ton of contacts in SSTV or Satellite so those can be tracked (semi-) manually.

The new user defined contest file should be saved in the /My Documents/N1MM Logger+/User Defined Contests/ folder.


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