Thursday, 1 January 2015

VE3YRK Gateway Registration Problems

After the last round of maintenance a strange problem occurred with the gateway. Everything is normal except that the web form to register radios no longer works. The form actually doesn't show up at all. All currently registered radios are still there (although you can't see them on the web page) and continue to work.

The solution may be as drastic as rebuilding the gateway from scratch. While there's no hardware changes involved it would require a visit to the site and fairly long procedure. Another option is to drop the support for the US Trust network. This is not as drastic as it sounds and would not affect any of the things we currently do with the repeater.

Over the next two or three weeks I will do further research into our options and consult with the repeater committee before deciding on the appropriate course of action. Meanwhile the repeater is still completely usable.


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