Tuesday, 3 February 2015

YRARC General Meeting - January 6th, 2015

Meeting held at the Sharon Temperance Hall. The meeting was called to order at 19:30. Chaired by Chris VE3NRT. 31 members and 3 guests in attendance; Brian Hopkins VA3BAH, Alex Sutherland VE3ASE, Ian Sutherland
  1. Agenda
    • The agenda for the meeting was presented by Chris VE3NRT (attachment #1)
  2. Adoption of the minutes
    • Motion 2015-01-06-01 by Brian VE3IBW to adopt the minutes of the XX general meeting minutes, second by Steve VE3EZ. Motion carried
  3. Opening remarks – Chris VE3NRT
  4. Repeaters – Steve VE3UT
    • VE3YRA 145.350Mhz is going off the air next Wednesday Jan 14 2015 at 10am, and will be off the air for 2 weeks to complete work.
    • Work is continuing on the project to link VE3YRA to VE3YRC. Bob VE3WY has loaned the club a filter to reduce interference.
    • There was a question from the audience asking if VE3YRA will go back to original location. Steve VE3UT reported that it is unlikely we will be relocating.
    • New audio messages have been recorded and sent to Steve VE3UT for use on the repeaters. Special thanks to Cindy.
    • Question from the audience on the status of the 6m repeater. Geoff VA3GS reported that the frequency pair was unused for 3 years and has been relinquished. A new frequency pair can be acquired but there is presently no location available to host the repeater.
  5. Treasurer’s Report – John VA3JI
    • Bank balance at the end of November $22,967
    • Income $50.00 dues plus $500 security deposit
    • Expenses $5,279 for Hamfest, $278.20 for the Christmas party, $200.00 for Winter Field Day, and $64.21 for the Trailer
    • Current balance is $17,695.59
  6. EMCOMM – Don VE3IXJ
    • There were no on air, or face to face meetings held in December
    • The group is continuing the work to improve sites
    • Work at the East Gwillimbury EOC will begin this year. Don VE3IXJ will take the lead on this site on behalf of EMCOMM
    • Next EMCOMM meeting will be held this Thursday Jan 8, 2015 at 7:30pm at the Newmarket Community Centre
  7. 6m Net – Chris VE3NRT
    • Chris VE3NRT has been hosting the net for over a year. Idea is to move the net to different bands / modes (between 6m and 80m) and continue to operate at the same time each Monday.
    • Suggestion to use 30m PSK next week. Chris will announce the frequency and mode on the YRARC Yahoo group
  8. Winter Field Day – Steve VE3UT
    • There has been lots of interest expressed by club members
    • Reviewed the list of equipment pledged by the participants; Radios, Antennas (R5 in trailer, R8, G5RV, 75m dipole cut to 3.75 MHz, 160m), Coax: Steve asked participants to bring coax, Participants are asked to bring their laptops, Chris VE3NRT will take the lead on logging using N1MMplus, which will be networked across all PCs. Participants are asked to install N1MMplus ahead of the event
    • Discussed the station layout inside the Temperance Hall
    • Need volunteers to transport Communications Trailer from Bales Road, and tower trailer from the summer Field Day site
    • Space heater for the club trailer is needed
    • Everything except lights, coffee pots and space heaters to be operated on generators
      Kitchen: we have 14 people who have purchased meal tickets.
    • Two generators are available which should meet our needs. Participants are asked to bring extension cords
    • Concrete blocks are needed for antenna anchors
    • Chris VE3NRT indicated that the rules will allow us to make repeater contacts. All club members are asked to monitor VE3YRC.
    • CW and digital contacts on each band count as multipliers.
  9. Sable Island and Navassa – Doug VE3VS
    • There is an amateur radio operator presently working on Sable Island who will try to be on 15m each day around 2220z for about an hour during the month of January
    • Navassa Island will be activated for approximately 2 weeks near end of January to mid February, with 5 to 6 stations operating. This is a very rare opportunity. Call is K1N1

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