Tuesday, 11 March 2014

IMS-100 Training

On Monday March 10 at 9:00 AM, a group of club members met in Newmarket to attend a training session at the York Region Headquarters building on Yonge St. This training was an introduction to incident management and was presented by Greg Stasyna of York Region Emergency Management. Some of you may know Greg from his other role, the commander of the military people that have been attending our Field Day for the past few years.

Greg presented this course to a class of 18 people including the four representatives of our club, Geoff (VA3GS), Richard (VE3NSD), Steve (VE3UT) and Bob (VE3WY). Greg's positive comments about amateur radio's role in emergency management were quite encouraging and showed amateur radio in a positive light to the region staff and guests present. The instruction explained ham radio in a support role and the command structure used during incidents and made for a very interesting and informative morning. The IMS-100 certification can be obtained from the province of Ontario by writing an online examination. A certification will be valuable for our members who may wish to participate in emergency radio communications support in the future.

There are higher levels of certification such as IMS-200, IMS-300 etc which we may be able to get trained for by the region in the future.

Steve VE3UT

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