Tuesday, 2 August 2016

YRARC at the Newmarket Jazz Fest

This past weekend was the Newmarket Jazz Fest at The Ray Twinney Centre. The event was a huge success this year at the new location. 

The radio club provided communications and management of communication equipment, worked on the grounds as eyes and ears for the security and health safety teams and provided back stage support during the head liner act "Colin James" on Saturday night.

A great time was had by all of the radio volunteers.

None of the this could have been made possible without the dedication and support of the following;

  • Don VE3IXJ
  • Geoff VAGS
  • Brian VE3IBW
  • Ken VE3LRK
  • Rob VE3RQB (on site and trailer pick up)
  • Dave VA3DCY
  • John VE3POJ
  • Ron KB4CVL
  • Steve VE3EZ
  • Rob VA3BXG
  • Barry VA3LLT
  • Mike VA3MCT
  • Henry VE3HJL
  • John VA3KOT
  • Steve VE3EZ (trailer drop)
  • Colleen VE3PQP (trailer drop)

Thank you all for your support this past weekend it was very much appreciated!

Eric Brown
Director of Public Service Events
York Region Amateur Radio Club

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