Saturday, 20 August 2016

Minutes - YRARC Board of Directors Meeting 2016-06-21

Meeting held in the Magna Centre, Multipurpose Room 1. Called to Order at 19:00 by Chris VE3NRT. Board members attending: Chris VE3NRT, Steve VE3UT, John VA3JI, Geoff VA3GS, Rob VE3RQB, Barry VA3LLT, David VA3DCY. Absent: Eric VE3EB, Doug VE3ATP. (Alf VA3BLE had resigned). Board members elect attending: John VE3IPS, Rick VA3VO. Others attending: none
  1. Agenda: Chris VE3NRT. Moved by Geoff VA3GS , seconded by Barry VA3LLT to adopt the agenda. Carried.
  2. Minutes: David VA3DCY. Moved by Steve VE3UT, seconded by Rob VE3RQB to adopt minutes of Board Meeting. Date 2016/05/17. Carried.
  3. New board members: Chris VE3NRT. Chris welcomed the new directors John VE3IPS and Rick VA3VO.
  4. Meeting Schedule: Chris VE3NRT. Chris announced the dates of the board of directors meetings for the coming year. They are: 2016 July 19, August 16, September 20, October 18, November 15, December 20 and 2017 January 17, February 21, March 15, April 19, May 17 and June 21.
  5. Election of officers: Chris VE3NRT. Chris announced that the officers for the year 2016/2017 will be elected at the next meeting on July 19. To be elected are: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. A ballot will be required for the election of the president (if not declared by acclamation).
  6. Board procedures: Chris VE3NRT. Chris outlined the basic procedures followed by the board. A quorum of 6 members is required. We follow a simplified version of Robert's Rules, typically a motion is presented, followed by a discussion and a vote. The chair does not normally introduce motions and only casts a deciding vote in the event of a tie. A simple majority is required to pass a motion.
  7. Auditor's report: none
  8. Explanation of committees: Chris VE3NRT. Chris mentioned the various board committees, including: repeaters, WYNSORC coordination, EmComm/ARES, hamfest, property, finance, media and communications, field day and membership activities such as project night and fox hunts.
  9. Meeting schedule and programs: Chris VE3NRT. Chris mentioned the general meeting schedule and the programs throughout the year with guest speakers at most meetings, the Christmas party meeting and the AGM.
  10. Bylaws: The new bylaws ByLaws #7 were signed by Chris VE3NRT President and David VA3DCY Secretary.
  11. Membership: Chris VE3NRT. Chris is in receipt of the membership list from Alf VA3BLE who has resigned.
  12. Hamfest: Geoff VA3GS. Information is now on the RAC web site and will be passed out at the Milton hamfest and to other clubs. We will be at the same location as last year (Markham Fair Grounds), and the Aurora Lyon's Club will be serving breakfast again. Geoff is negotiating with the Markham Fair about the price.
  13. Field Day: Steve VE3UT. We are ready for field day, June 25 and 26. Doug VE3ATP will tow the tower trailer to the site on Wednesday June 22, which is OK with Norma the site owner. Additional deliveries such as the club trailer will be made on Thursday. On Friday June 24 the kitchen shelter will be setup, and Brad VE3HII will start the installation of his satellite station. An estimated 50 people should show up over the weekend. EmComm will be involved, and dignitaries have been invited. Safety will be emphasized this year, with attention to grounding, safety markings for guys and tripping hazards, first aid, and a safety officer or designate will be on site for the duration ofthe event.
    • Motion 2016-06-21-4c1 to spend $135.60 for field day toilet rental, moved by Steve VE3UT seconded by Geoff VA3GS. Carried.
    • Motion 2016-06-21-4c2 that $100.00 be allocated for the purchase of gas for the generators, moved by Steve VE3UT seconded by Barry VA3LLT. Carried.
  14. Treasurer's Report: John VA3JI
    • Opening Balance 2016/06/01 [Available to members on request to Club Secretary]
    • Income: Field day food from members $150.00
    • Membership dues $25.00
    • Expenditures: Field day toilet $135.60
    • Repeater expenditures $75.09
    • Trailer expenditures $26.98
    • Closing Balance 2016/04/19 [Available to members on request to Club Secretary]
    • Some AGM food money is to be returned, and the insurance bill payable in July has not been received.
    • Moved by Barry VA3LLT seconded by Rob VE3RQB to adopt the treasurer's report. Carried.
  15. Property: Rob VE3RQB: The shelter is complete. The roof conduits (peak to eaves) have been shortened to accommodate the tarp. It is recommended that the trailer pullers have a schedule. A new padlock will be needed for the container; Rob would like to remove his lock.
  16. Repeaters: Steve VE3UT. The VE3YRC-V (Aurora) exciter and PA problems have been remedied. There was a bad pot on the exciter and a spare PA was repaired. We now have 2 spare 100 watt PAs. At the moment, we are running on a temporary PA. While the repeater was out of service, the controller was updated. There are still some minor software issues. Future repeater projects could include internet access.
  17. Other business:
    • Don VE3IXJ has noted that EmComm is interested in a digital network, (however the GTA is not interested). Greg Staznia from York Region, Chris VE3NRT and Mike VA3MCT will meet to discuss the region's needs. There may be some financial help from the region for a possible project. Any proposed network should be self testing and be able to report problems. Possible options might include Microtik and Ubiquity.
    • The board thanked Rob VE3RQB for his work on the board.
Meeting adjourned.

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