Friday, 26 September 2014

Repeater Report - Steve VE3UT

In the past, I headed up our club's repeater committee and now, once again, the Board of Directors has given me this task. Our club has a very good collection of machines but we have a number of challenges ahead. The departure of Bruce VE3BV, who has moved North to the Parry Sound area, has left a void to fill. The club has relied on Bruce's technical expertise and “connections” for the past 30+ years and we need to assemble a team of people with various skills to fill that void and keep us on the air. The challenge of keeping our sites or gaining access to new sites will also be an issue in the coming years.

The VE3YRC (147.225+ PL 103.5) site is not likely to remain available and coming up with ideas to keep it on the air from another location is a priority. YRC is the club's flagship repeater. The relocation of VE3YRA (145.350- PL 103.5) to its current temporary home has kept it on the air but ultimately it would be good to see us back at the original site with its superb coverage.

An idea that is just starting to be discussed is the possibility of have YRA and YRC permanently linked with one machine in the West end of York Region (the original YRA site) and another in the East end (actually North East). This would provide seamless VHF coverage of York Region and beyond with some overlapping coverage in places. Gaining a site in Georgina for YRC would solve the problem of spotty coverage there and other eastern locations.

With a link permanently on, users in the southern, western, and central areas of York Region would be able to select YRA or YRC depending on the coverage at their respective locations. For example, Bob WY and Brynn VOD could operate on YRA and talk to me UT and Barry LLT in the East on YRC. I mention these names because we all live or travel through noisy locations.

The club owns four repeater controllers, two 7330 units (on YRC and YRA) and a ACC RC85 (on YRC UHF) and a ACC RC96 (in the club trailer). The 7330 controllers are newer than the obsolete ACC units. The first 7330 was programmed and installed on YRC by Bruce BV and one was installed a couple of years ago on YRA when its ACC unit malfunctioned. Bruce was the only expert in the club on programming these controllers with me having a limited knowledge. But with Bruce's move, I have stepped up to the plate and am getting fairly proficient at programming them.

At this time, YRC is doing a fair bit of chatting at us. Some of the messages are regular daily messages and some are temporary for special club activities. They all serve the same purpose, to keep membership informed of upcoming activities. Please support our club and volunteer to help out at some of the events. Message schedule on YRC:
  • :00 Time and chimes
  • :10 Hamfest message, last week of October only
  • :15 Month long Hamfest message commencing October 1
  • :17 Tuesday club meeting message, last week of the month only
  • :20 Wildcard message – currently Run for the Cure event
  • :25 Wildcard message – currently Emcomm event at Markham Fair
  • :30 Time and ``this is VE3YRC repeater home of the YRARC``
  • :40 Same as:10
  • :45 same as :15
  • :47 same as :17
  • :50 same as :20
  • :55 same as 25
Last but not least...VE3YRK B and VE3YRK C, our D Star repeaters, great coverage and connect to international gateways. Check them out! borrow a club radio and get on the air!! These radios have FM and can also be used with YRA and YRC. [Note from Chris VE3NRT: Some members have already requested club radios which will be fulfilled at the next meeting]

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