Thursday, 6 October 2016

Minutes - YRARC Board of Directors Meeting 2016-09-20

Meeting held in the Magna Centre, Multipurpose Room 1. Called to Order at 19:05 by Chris VE3NRT

Board members attending: Chris VE3NRT Pres, John VA3JI Treasurer, Geoff VA3GS, Barry VA3LLT, Eric VE3EB, Steve VE3UT, David VA3DCY Secty, Doug VE3ATP, Rick VA3VO. Absent: John VE3IPS V. Pres. Others attending: None

On-Line motion 2016-08-30-1, moved by Steve VE3UT, seconded by Geoff VA3GS that we approve the purchase of a yagi antenna from Maple Leaf Communications (Bob WY) in the amount of $75.00. On 2016/08/30 the following had voted 'yes' to the motion: Steve VE3UT, Geoff VA3GS, David VA3DCY, John VA3JI and Rick VA3VO. On 2016/09/02 Barry VA3LLT voted 'yes' to the motion. 6 of 9 directors voted in favour of the motion. The following were not heard from: John VE3IPS, Eric VE3EB, Doug VA3ATP and Chris VE3NRT who could only cast a deciding vote.
  1. Agenda: Chris VE3NRT. Additions: Audit report discussions and membership. Moved by Barry VA3LLT, seconded by Rick VA3VO to adopt the agenda. Carried.
  2. Minutes: David VA3DCY. Moved by Geoff VA3GS, seconded by Steve VE3UT to adopt minutes of Board Meetings dates 2016/07/19 and 2016/08/16. Carried.
  3. Trailer: Barry VA3LLT. Motion 2016-09-20-3 to approve $200.00 for trailer maintenance for the EmComm and tower trailers. Moved by Barry VA3LLT, seconded by Eric VE3EB. Carried.
  4. Winter Field Day: Steve VE3UT. Steve proposed we participate in WFD this Year (January 28 & 29). If held at the Sharon Temple site, we should investigate the source of the noise, enquire if there is interest at the next general meeting, and book the building with Caitlin Wagg. Other sites mentioned were the summer FD site and Bales Rd.
  5. Hamfest: Geoff VA3GS. The date is Saturday November 05. Information has been sent to the vendors and publicity has been arranged. Club members will be asked to sign-up for jobs at the next general meeting. There is no information yet to whether or not Bob Heil will be attending or his requirements. Chris will prepare posters.
  6. Meetings: Geoff VA3GS. Grant VE3XTV will talk about ATV in October and John Corby will be the speaker in November talking about QRP. Paul Delaney may be the speaker in May.
  7. Treasurer's Report: John VA3JI
    • Opening Balance 2016-09-01 [available to members upon request to secretary]
    • Income: Hamfest – 4 tables $168.00
    • Dues - 20 regular, 1 family $530.00
    • Expenditures: Name plates for awards $10.00
    • Repeater link antenna $75.00
    • PO Box rental $240.69
    • Bank fees (PayPal) $3.04
    • Closing Balance 2016-09-20 [available to members upon request to secretary]
    • Moved by John VA3JI, seconded by Eric VE3EB to adopt the treasurer's report. Carried.
  8. Repeaters
    • Steve VE3UT. Motion 2016-09-20-5d to approve $200.00 for repeater maintenance. Moved Steve VE3UT, seconded by Geoff VA3GS. Amendment by Rick VA3VO, seconded by Geoff VA3GS that fuel expenses for repeater service trips over 100km be considered as repeater expenses. Amendment and motion carried.
    • The input frequency 147.825 MHz for VE3YRC-V repeater has a cycling on/off with an unknown carrier being received. Steve has disabled the repeater. Barry noted that the cross-band radio at YREOC had also been 'kerchunking' as noted previously by Don VE3IXJ.
    • The PA replacement at VE3YRC-V is on hold until a better power supply is installed.
    • The link antenna at Richmond Hill, VE3YRC-U for VE3YRA will be installed on Thursday.
    • D-Star coverage (VE3YRK-V) has shrunk. A site visit will be required to investigate the problem. Reception seems to be the problem, transmission appears to be good. (Note: After the meeting, Eric VE3EB traced the 147.825 MHz carrier to be originating at or near the YREOC.)
    • YRK Gateway: Chris VE3NRT. The gateway is OK
    • IRLP: Chris VE3NRT. The Raspberry Pi is now running solidly with a new SD card. The next requirement is to build a case.
  9. Public Service: Eric VE3EB. The last event was at the Sharon Temple. The next event is Run for the Cure, Sunday October 2. We need a minimum of 12 volunteers for this event.
  10. YRLAB: Geoff VA3GS. The new amateur licensing class is now running.
  11. PO Box. Motion 2016-09-20-7 to approve payment of 240.69 for rental of the PO Box, moved by John VA3JI, seconded by Geoff VA3GS. Carried.
  12. Audit Report Discussion: John VA3JI. It was agreed that the use of personal credit cards for large purchases or expenses, incurred on behalf of the club, has been resolved.
  13. Membership Tracking: John VA3JI. John has been creating a data base to track club membership, which will include members' names, call signs, address, email addresses, phone numbers and payment of dues. The information will be available to board members, however only the names and call signs of members will be available to the public. It was agreed that John should proceed with the project.
Meeting adjourned at 20:35. Moved Geoff VA3GS, seconded Rick VA3VO. Carried

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