Saturday, 23 April 2016

YRARC Board of Directors - Minutes 2016-03-15

Meeting held in the Magna Centre, Multipurpose Room1. Called to Order at 19:00 by Chris VE3NRT. Board members attending: Chris VE3NRT, Steve VE3UT, John VA3JI, Rob VE3RQB, Alf VA3BLE, Doug VE3ATP, Barry VA3LLT, David VA3DCY. Absent: Geoff VA3GS, Eric VE3EB. Others attending: none
  1. Agenda: Chris VE3NRT. Moved by Rob VE3RQB, seconded by Steve VE3UT to adopt the agenda. Carried
  2. Minutes: David VA3DCY. Moved by Alf VA3BLE, seconded by Rob VE3RQB to adopt minutes of Board Meeting date 2016/02/16. Carried
  3. Repeaters: Steve VE3UT
    • The installation of backup batteries at VE3YRC-U (Richmond Hill) and VE3YRC-V (Aurora) is complete for repeaters and link radios.
    • We have two working RC85 controllers which have been repaired by Bruce VE3BV.
    • Questions were asked, should we sell them or keep or keep the for backups, and should we buy a backup 7330 controller with the proceeds from a possible sale?
    • Moved by Steve VE3UT, seconded by John VA3JI that we sell the RC85 controllers.
    • Moved by Barry VA3LLT, seconded by Rob VE3RQB that voting be deferred until after the PIC discussion. Motion carried by a vote of 4 for and 3 against the motion.
    • Doug VE3ATP raised the possibility of linking our repeaters with VE3PIC, still operating as an analogue repeater.
    • Moved by John VA3JI, seconded by Steve VE3UT that we ask Steve VE3EZ to approach Rick Smiles VE3IU about the possibility of linking with our repeaters. Carried. Chris checked the bylaws and confirmed that a simple majority is sufficient to pass a motion.
  4. HamWAN, Trillium and MESH: Chris VE3NRT. There has been recent discussions on the YRARC Yahoo group about MESH. Chris noted that there is another option available for for linking sites with a digital network or MAN (metropolitan area network). The equipment used would be a weatherproof MicroTIK access point, mounted on a parabolic grid antenna, and connected to a power supply and network (inside) by a single CAT5 cable. The MicroTIK operates at 5GHz with a maximum power of 1.3W. Cost is approximately $100 US for the access point and $100 for a grid antenna. The proposed used would be to link EOC sites, with possible funding from a Trillium grant. Details can be found at
  5. Property: Rob VE3RQB. Rob will buy a BBQ at Home Depot to replace the defunct club barbecue. The purchase was approved in August 2015, motion number 2015-08-18-3b.He will talk to the owner of Cameron Canopies about the purchase of fittings for a shelter. There was discussion about the loan of a radio to a new member, however it was agreed that loaning the radio should not be a problem.
  6. Membership: Alf VA3BLE. We currently have a total of 77 members, with 74 voting members.
  7. Treasurer's Report: John VA3JI.
    • Opening Balance 2016/02/29 [Available to members on request to the club secretary]
    • Income: None
    • Expenditures: Directors and Officers Insurance $649.08
    • Closing Balance 2016/02/16 [Available to members on request to the club secretary]
    • Motion 2016-03-15-7 moved by John VA3JI seconded by Steve VE3UT to pay the directors and officers insurance. Carried.
  8. Field Day: Steve VE3UT. There was a discussion about the upcoming field day, and Steve has agreed to continue as coordinator, however he needs an assistant. In addition there are new positions for this year including Safety Officer, which could be filled by David VA3DCY, and a Social Media Officer, which could be filled by Chris VE3NRT.
  9. Meeting adjourned at 21:33 Moved Alf VA3BLE, seconded Barry VA3LLT. Carried

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