Monday, 8 June 2015

Thank you to all the club members who came out to support the following three events this past weekend.
  • MT Albert Parade
  • MT Albert 5K Run
  • Aurora Street Festival
Because of the efforts of the following these event ran smoothly and were for the most part uneventful for the participants. In no particular order.
  • Steve VE3EZ
  • Garrett VA3PYP
  • Colleen VE3PQP
  • Barry VA3LLT
  • Rob VE3RQB
  • Carlos VA3CAZ
  • Benny VE3MUU
  • Ben VA3MUU
  • John VE3POJ
  • Don VE3IXJ
  • Glenn VA3AU
  • Bruce VE3EVV
  • Geoff VA3GS
Eric VE3EB
Public Service Director

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