Wednesday, 1 January 2014

December 2013 Board Meeting - Minutes

Meeting held in the multipurpose room of the Magna Centre. Called to order at 19:04. Chaired by Chris VE3NRT
  • Board members attending; Chris VE3NRT, Rob VE3RQB, Steve VE3EZ, Geoff VA3GS, Barry VA3LLT, Richard VE3NSD, John VA3JI, Publius VE3XS
  • Board members absent; Eric VE3OIC, Chris VA3DXZ
  • Club members attending; None
  1. Agenda
    • Amendment to Agenda. Add to Item 11, 11a motion to complete Go Kits
    • Motion 2013-12-17-03 by Richard VE3NSD to amend Agenda Item changing Markham Santa Parade to Newmarket Santa Parade and to reimburse Richard VE3NSD the $50 entry fee for the Newmarket Parade, seconded by Barry VA3LLT. Motion carried.
    • Motion 2013-12-17-01 by Geoff VA3GS to adopt agenda as amended, seconded by Rob VE3RQB. Motion carried.
  2. Adoption of Nov 19th board meeting minutes
    • Motion 2013-12-17-02 by John VA3JI to adopt the minutes of the Nov 19th board meeting seconded by Geoff VA3GS. Motion carried.
  3. Finance and budget report.
    • Report by John VA3JI. Current balance [Available to members from Secretary on request].
    • Members wishing to receive the report should advise John.
  4. Audit report
      Report to Trillium foundation has been completed, delivered and receipt acknowledged.
    • Financial reports were completed by the accountant but were not submitted as they were not specifically requested.
  5. Meeting with Red Cross.
    • See notes at bottom of meeting agenda.
    • The local Red Cross is waiting for more information regarding GTA-wide repeaters (Ham frequencies?).
    • For Trillium purposes, it is a positive point that we are expanding our contacts with this NGO.
  6. General Meetings for 2014 - As listed below:
    • January: "Junk in the Trunk"
    • February: Keith Goobie on IRLP, Echolink, All-Star, etc.
    • March: open - some possibilities discussed.
    • April: open - Bob Morton? Maybe on spiral magnetic loop antennas.
    • May: open - possibility of Professor Delaney? (Richard to research and contact)
    • June: Annual General Meeting
  7. 2014 Field Day.
    • Red Cross has expressed desire to be present at our Field Day.
    • Steve (UT) to be approached to run the event.
    • Chris (NRT) has volunteered to be Digital Band Captain.
    • Discussion regarding present uncertainty of location.
    • May require change of site. Suggestion to research possibility of locating to the Ballantrae Fire Station on Hwy 48.
  8. Future of the Splatter.
    • Chris (NRT) suggests creating a blog instead of newsletter: easily searchable on Google
    • Meeting notes could be embedded and easily extracted,
    • The Splatter name would be maintained
    • Items could be submitted to an editor with author privileges.
    • Chris plans to publish Splatter in its present form in January but with notification of the change to a blog for the following publication date.
  9. Membership Status.
    • Current Members 68
    • Possibility of 4-5 more successful students of the most recent Ham course this past fall.
    • Animated discussion regarding how to boost interest. Suggestion by John VA3JI about how we could approach past members.
    • Steve suggested downloading RAC database to identify all current Ham operators in the York Region to contact and survey them. Steve has volunteered to undertake this task.
    • Some discussion regarding the possibility of using Club QSL cards and shipping via RAC bulk mailing.
  10. President's Advisory Committee.
    • Club by-laws state that the Committee "shall form a Presidential Advisory Committee consisting of not more than 3 members to advise the President regarding Club business, i.e. direction." There are no volunteers to date. Chris will present this opportunity again at the next General meeting.
  11. Discussion regarding the remaining items to be purchased to complete the Go Kits
    • Motion 2013-11-19-04 by Geoff VA3GS to authorize David VE3DCY to spend up to $500.00 on purchase of material to complete Go Kits. Seconded by John VA3JI. Motion carried.
    • Rob to send Go Kit list with anomalies noted to all BoD members.
    • It is understood that these funds will be charged against the present
    • EmComm funds as these will be capital expenditures for club equipment designated for use by EmComm.
  12. Other Business
    • Presentation and discussion by Steve VE3EZ of the standard lease (Peckover) for repeater locations.
    • Lease to be scanned and reviewed by Steve VE3EZ and Chris VE3NRT.
    • Report by Steve VE3EZ regarding YRP representative, and his discussion regarding antenna relocation once the tower has been rebuilt. (We are still on the radar).
    • Report by Geoff VA3GS regarding Wynsorc registration. Completed.
    • Report by John VA3JI on status of IRLP repeater and difficulties with feedback and subsequent difficulty disengaging.
  13. Motion 2013-12-17-05 by Geoff VA3GS to adjourn meeting, seconded by Rob VE3RQB. Motion carried at 20:53

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