Thursday, 5 April 2018

Minutes - YRARC Board of Directors Meeting 2018-01-16

Meeting held in the Magna Centre, Multi Purpose Room 4.. Called to Order at 19:10 by Chris VE3NRT Board members attending: Chris VE3NRT (P), Steve VE3UT (VP), Charles VA3TTB (T), Geoff VA3GS, Barry VA3LLT, Eric VE3EB, David VA3DCY (S), Mike VA3MCT. Absent: Rick VA3VO, John VE3IPS. Others attending: None
  1. Approval of Agenda & declaration of conflicts of interest. Amendments: None. Conflicts of interest declared: None. MOTION: To adopt the agenda, Moved Barry VA3LLT, seconded Steve VE3UT. Carried.
  2. Minutes: MOTION: To adopt minutes of Board Meeting date 2017/12/19. Moved Mike VA3MCT, seconded Steve VE3UT. Carried.
  3. Actions arising from minutes
    1. Rick to attempt to sell hardline on Kitchener swap net – no update.
    2. Alex to be reimbursed $20 for stolen item at Hamfest. Cheque will be written.
    3. Set up recording of the repeater with time stamping – no progress to date. There seems to be no jamming at the moment.
    4. Establishment of a dollar value threshold to record assets. The value would be the current value. MOTION: That $100 be established as the threshold in determining when to record an item as an asset. Moved Geoff VA3GS, seconded Steve VE3UT. Carried.
    5. Geoff VA3GS will get a quote for QSL cards.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Charles VA3TTB. MOTION: To adopt the treasurers report. Moved Charles VA3TTB, seconded Geoff VA3GS. Carried.
    • Opening balance - members may request balance from Club Secretary
    • Memberships $305.00
    • Markham Fair rebate $460.45
    • Hamfest 2016 $100.00
    • Hamfest 2017 $270.00
    • Other $80.00
    • Go-kit item replacements -$51.83
    • Hamfest expenses -$842.82
    • Trailer repair parts -$51.56
    • Winter Field day 2018 -$275.00
    • Food for December gathering -$196.09
  5. Insurance: Charles VA3TTB
    • RAC insurance is provided by AON. $5 million liability insurance for a club costs $160/year plus $1 for each RAC member and $10 for each non RAC member. The coverage includes members and visitors.
      To include a name insured, there is a $75 one time charge for each named insured.
    • RAC property insurance rates are 1% of the insured value per year.
    • Vehicle insurance is not available from RAC.
    • Director's insurance according to AON is likely not required for our club.
  6. Banking: Charles VA3TTB We need a signing director (in addition to Charles) to sign a bank form to allow Charles (the treasurer) to have read-only access to our bank balances. Steve VE3UT will provide the second signature.
  7. Auditor: Charles VA3TTB. Charles VA3TTB and John VA3JI will meet with Doug Smith to discuss the auditor's requirements and to establish procedures and guidelines.
  8. Trailer: Barry VA3LLT. The trailer is currently at Al's Tack Shop. It was moved there after the Scout winter camp at nearby Shadow Lake, to be on site for Winter Field Day.
    We may need to repair a speaker connector.
    Repeaters: Steve VE3UT. There have been no changes to the repeaters. Gf VA3GS has submitted the repeater information to WYNSORC for this year.
    Web Site: Mike VA3MCT. Mike asked the board to look at the new website and send him comments. He will resend the site URL.It may be possible to send e-mail to members via 'Google for business' or Mail Chimp.
    Hamfest: Geoff VA3GS. No report, the hamfest is finished for the year.
  9. Property: Rick VA3VO. No report.
  10. Public Service: Eric VE3EB. At the recent Scout winter camp, Brian VE3IBW and Eric were in the trailer demonstrating APRS to the older youth, and Geoff and David were in the main building teaching phonetics and code to the younger youth.
  11. ARES: Mike VA3MCT. No report.
    Winter Field day: Steve VE3UT: Steve noted there are 2 weeks left before Winter Field Day. Setup will be on Friday January 26 and the trailer is already on site. $55 has been given to Peter VE3PBT to purchase refreshments, and $220 is on hand to pay for fuel. The 40m dipole needs to be repaired – wires re-soldered to the balun. Steve noted that we should do an equipment check following each event to check for damaged or missing equipment.
  12. Basic qualification course: Geoff VA3GS. There will be a new course next fall.
  13. Membership: Barry VA3LLT We have approximately 70 members.
  14. New Business:
    • Meeting Attendance. A review of board members attendance was discussed.
    • A Stouffville Scout group would like us to do a presentation at one of their Thursday meetings. The presentation would be approximately 1 to 1.5 hours long. Code/voice/APRS to be determined. The date to be determined.
    • Gas used at the previous Scout winter camp. MOTION: To reimburse David VA3DCY for gas purchased upon presentation of a receipt, value not to exceed $30. Moved Steve VE3UT, seconded Eric VE3EB. Carried.
    • USB – RS232 adaptor for D-Star trailer radio. MOTION: To reimburse Steve VE3UT for the purchase of the USB adaptor $30 max. The motion needs to be presented at the next General meeting.
    • Club event vests: Eric VE3EB - Eric proposed purchasing identical vests with the club ID/logo, to be worn by club members at club public events. He suggested purchasing 16 to 20 vests that would be owned by the club, and members could also purchase their own vests. He also proposed purchasing an open tracker in the future.

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