Saturday, 14 November 2015

Minutes – YRARC BOD Meeting 2015-10-20

Meeting held in the Magna Centre, general purpose room 1. Called to Order at 19;00 by Chris VE3NRT. Board members attending: Chris VE3NRT, Steve VE3UT, John VA3JI, Geoff VA3GS, Eric VE3EB, Barry VA3LLT, David VA3DCY, Rob VE3RQB, Doug VE3ATP and Alf VA3BLE. Others attending: none.
  1. Agenda: Chris VE3NRT. Adopted, moved by Barry VA3LLT, seconded by Geoff VA3GS. Carried.
  2. Minutes: David VA3DCY. Moved by Barry VA3LLT, seconded by John VA3JI to accept the minutes of the 2015/09/15 BoD meeting. Carried
  3. Treasurer's Report: John VA3JI.
    • Opening balance 2015/09/30 [available to members on request]. Income: Dues $25.00, Sale of ATX500 $200.00, Hamfest $1,127.00. Total 1,352.00
    • Expenditures: Insurance $1,094.04, Prizes $602.75, Bank fees (PayPal) $3.13, Frames for certificates $28.18, Total $1,728.10
    • Balance 2015/10/20 [available to members on request]
    • Thanks to Rick VA3VO for selling the ATX500.
    • Moved by John VA3JI, seconded by Geoff VA3GS to accept the treasurer's report. Carried.
  4. Blog: Chris VE3NRT provided a short update on the latest blog statistics.
  5. By-laws: Chris VE3NRT asked Alf VA3BLE for a list of paid voting members with name, call sign and email address. The revised and final versions of the bylaws will be emailed to members.
  6. Property: Rob VE3RQB has made a list of the container contents. Steve VE3UT and Geoff VA3GS will identify what is scrap and what is to be kept. The 6m repeater and batteries were added to the property list. We are waiting for Peter VE3PBT to acquire parts for the BBQ repair. Motions 2015-10-20-1 moved by Barry VA3LLT, seconded by Eric VE3EB to approve $200.00 for ongoing general repairs to the trailer. Carried
  7. Repeaters: Steve VE3UT
    • 4 new (to us) batteries were installed at the VE3YRC UHF site at Yonge/Bloomington. In addition all levels are good at the site. Thanks to Bruce VE3BV for the borrowed test generator. Messages on the repeaters have been updated for the hamfest.
    • IRLP/Echolink: Chris VE3NRT is waiting for a cable for the IRLP project.
    • D-STAR: Chris VE3NRT. Gord Hewit VE3GIH has been working on the firewall at the VE3YRK site, and some ports may be blocked. Chris and Gord to investigate.
  8. Events and public Service: Eric VE3EB thanked those who participated in The Run for the Cure on Oct 4.
  9. We need drivers to tow the trailer(s) in the Newmarket Santa Claus parade on Nov 21 and the Aurora parade on Nov 28. The Aurora parade is in the evening and if we participate, we will need lots of lights.
  10. Meetings: Geoff VA3GS reported that the speaker for the October meetings is Dave VE3KCL speaking on balloons. January will be 'junk-in-the-trunk', February will be a travellogue, March will be Mike VE3MKX speaking on fraud, and April or May will be Barry VE3ISX speaking on remote stations. Other possible topics/speakers could be a demonstration of IRLP/Echo Link or antennae by Bob VE3WY.
  11. Membership: Alf VA3BLE reported on paid memberships to October 12. We have:
    • 12 additional members (10 regular plus 2 family) with and $310.00 received for a total of
    • 43 Regular memberships, 5 Family memberships 6 additional members, and 7 Life members.
  12. Hamfest: Geoff VA3GS reported we have allocated 8 tables for public relations, including RAC, QSL and CLARA, 3 club tables and 3 demo tables. Setup bill be at 13:00 on Friday Oct 30. at the Markham Fair Grounds The Aurora Lyons Club will be serving a breakfast of pancakes and sausages. We will provide tea and coffee. 27 members have signed-up to assist.
    • Two cash floats will be required, one for admissions and one for the grand prizes.
    • On Friday, Steve VE3UT will deliver the EmComm trailer and Doug VE3ATP will deliver the tower trailer.
  13. December meeting: Motions 2015-10-20-2 moved by Geoff VA3GS, seconded by Rob VE3RQB to approve $325.00 for food at the December meeting. Carried.
  14. Other business: On November 18, Chris VE3NRT has been invited to the Makers Show at the David Dunlap Observatory. His topic will be “This is Not Your Father's HAM Radio!”
Meeting adjourned at 20:40. Moved by Rob VE3RQB and seconded by John VA3JI. Carried.

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