Thursday, 5 March 2015

Repeater Update

UHF repeater YRC/U:The controller on our UHF repeater is obsolete and has issues. It would not be cost effective to spend any further money for repairs on it and the technical advantages of purchasing a new controller make sense. I proposed at the last board meeting that we purchase a new S-Com 7330 (same unit as YRA and YRC/V). Tonight, the members present voted in favour of the purchase. As part of my proposal I have offered to make a personal donation of funds to cover shipping and any duty/fees. Tonight I suggested that members could donate funds if they wished and I'm pleased to report that $100 was collected. Thank you to all who chipped in. If anyone reading this would also like to "throw a few bucks into the hat", please contact David VE3DCY who is looking after the donations.

Six meter repeater YRC/6: Bruce VE3BV is donating a 6m repeater to the club. I will be picking it up in Parry Sound later this week. Installation will happen when the weather improves (requires antenna work on a roof). The repeater will be interfaced with the new controller described above. On behalf of the club, our thanks go out to Bruce for the generous donation.

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