Tuesday, 15 July 2014

July 1 Events

Thank you to the teams who sacrificed family time on Canada day to the support the 2014 Sharon Temple Canada Day Celebration and the Newmarket Main Street public service events.
Sharon Temple Team.
  • Brad VE3HII
  • Dave VA3DCY
  • Chris VA3DXZ
  • Brian VE3IBW
Sharon Temple Event as reported by Brian (VE3IBW). The event today was well attended and only a short down pour before the event officially started. Attendance was up from last year. Megan indicated to me that next year will have a theme: transportation and communication. She hopes to have police, fire, ambulance, and of course us. Brad mentioned that there is a Ham contest on today - the Canada day contest. He suggested that we can work the contest from the trailer and have the public watch. We should make sure we have the trailer booked for next year. Don (VE3IXJ) assembled a team to support the Newmarket Main Street vendors with safety and communications. This was the first year that the radio club participated in this event and seemed to be well received. Main Street Team
  • Don VE3IXJ
  • Barry VA3LLT
  • VA3OZZ – Victor Beitner - COARC
  • VA3BXG – Robert Galambos - COARC
  • Jesse Zhou – Student
Again, thank you all for your support on Canada Day.


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