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Notice: The following list of email addresses is provided for the convenience of YRARC members, government employees or officials, licenced ham radio operators, or members of the general public interested in the club's activities. Using these addresses for unsolicited commercial email messages is expressly forbidden. Commercial interests wishing to make contact with YRARC may do so by sending a letter of introduction to the attention of the President at the postal address at the bottom of this page.

2020-2021 Board of Directors (Past Boards)

Chris Sullivan VE3NRT President, Blog
Mike VeitVE3BWVVice-President, Repeaters
Sandra Weir VA3SWD Secretary
Pablo Sabbag VA3HDL Treasurer
Eric Brown VE3EB Public Service
Alan Heighway VA3WAH Membership
Jim Greig VA3EZN Hamfest
Mike Crabtree VA3MCT Emergency Communications
Rick Armitage VA3VO Field Day
Paul Lynott VA3PNL TBA

Volunteer Positions

Rob BarnettVE3RQBPrize Table
Bruce ClementsVE3BVTechnical Advisor
Matt NewmanVA3MGNAssistant Emergency Coordinator

By Mail:
Box 28590 Aurora ON. L4G 6S6


  1. I'd thought I'd fixed that. Must not have saved properly. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. my name is Dwane Fenemore. I got a phone call the other day stating i won a door prize
    an because i was a non amateur operator i was unable to claim the prize. so how can you sell tickets to people who do not qualify.

  3. Hi Dwayne. I'm sorry for this and I was unaware of this situation - nor do I know who called you. Would you please provide some contact information so we can get in touch with you? We would like to resolve this to your satisfaction.


  4. Don Matthews VE3IXJ also had a volunteer position as Assistant Emergency Coordinator.