Friday, 1 May 2015

Minutes - YRARC General Meeting - 2015-04-07

Meeting held at the Sharon Temperance Hall. The meeting was called to order at 19:31. Chaired by Chris VE3NRT. 40 members and 2 guest in attendance
  1. Adoption of the minutes
    • Motion 2015-04-03-01 by Rob VE3RQB to adopt the minutes of the March 3rd general meeting minutes, seconded by Robert VA3BXG. Motion carried.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – John VA3JI
    • Current Account
      • February month end balance [Available to members on request to Secretary]
    • February disbursements:
      • Directors and officers Insurance $649.08
      • Repeater controller $600.00
      • Repeater maintenance $181.87
      • Trailer maintenance $76.31
    • Income:
      • Donations $100.00
      • Membership dues $25.00
    • Balance at the end of March 2015 [Available to members on request to Secretary]
    • April disbursements $14.70
    • Balance as of April 7 2015 [Available to members on request to Secretary]
    • John VA3JI moved that motion 2015-03-03-04 be amended such that the club allocates $250.00 for the purchase of property insurance to cover club assets not already covered under existing policies, seconded by Robert VA3BXG. Motion Carried.
  3. Repeater Update Steve VE3UT
    • VE3YRC-UHF is back on the air
    • The link from VE3YRC-UHF to VE3YRA is operational
    • Work is still underway on the link between VE3YRC-VHF and UHF
    • An additional donation of $10.00 was received today for the repeater controller
    • The repeater controller cost more than $600.00 including exchange and other fees. Steve VE3UT re-confirmed that he is donating the difference between the final purchase price of the controller and the $600.00 approved by the club.
  4. Public Service Eric VE3EB
    • Eric reported the he is updating the online calendar regularly.
  5. EmComm Update Robert VA3BXG
    • Robert VA3BXG provided an overview on EmComm and the need for planning and exercises to be prepared to deliver emergency communications
    • The agenda for the upcoming EmComm meeting will touch on
      • Election of a new EmComm leader
      • Upcoming Red Cross exercise (6-8 Volunteers needed)
      • FLDigi Demo
      • Establishing a biweekly net
      • Upcoming repeater site visit
      • May 2nd York Region Emergency Preparedness Fair
      • York Region EOC activation
      • Update on work underway with EmComm partners (York Regional Police)
      • Engaging new municipalities
      • Volunteers are need to liaise with services agencies and to help coordinate exercises
  6. Field Day Steve VE3UT
    • Steve VE3UT circulated a questionnaire to club members asking for input on Field Day planning
  7. Hamfest Geoff VA3GS
    • The date has been confirmed for Oct 31
    • Looking for ideas to attract more vendors and patrons
  8. After the break, Peter West VE3HG from the Ontario Contest Club presented an overview on contesting

Meeting adjourned at 21:26

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