Tuesday, 14 January 2014

January 7, 2014 - General Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at the Sharon Temperance Hall. Called to order at 19:30. Chaired by Chris VE3NRT.
  1. Introductions completed. 24 members and no guest in attendance
  2. Minutes Dec 3rd Mtng motion by Barry VA3LLT seconded by Steve VE3EZ. Motion carried.
  3. Repeater – Steve VE3EZ
    • VE3YRA has been relocated as noted in the Dec 3rd meeting. As a result, the coverage footprint has shifted to the East.
    • VE3YRC IRLP has been moved but is not working due to a RFI issue which is being investigated
    • VE3YRK; paperwork requested by Trillium has been submitted
  4. Public Service – Richard VE3NSD
    • Richard VE3NSD to follow up with Markham parade committee to see how YRARC can support them in the future
    • Richard would appreciate a list of past events considered or supported by club if anyone has such a list
  5. Property – Rob VE3RQB
    • Rob VE3RQB and Dave VE3DCY will procure the outstanding items needed to complete the go kits
    • Brad VE3HII reported that his 12VDC charger is out of service. If anyone has a 12VDC charger that they can offer to the club please contact Brad
  6. Field Day – Steve VE3UT
    • Steve VE3UT requested that the board assign action to repair the tower trailer to prepare it for field day and emergency response
    • Steve VE3UT would like suggestions from club members on potential improvements to Field Day
    • Steve VE3EZ suggested setting up near the fire hall in Ballantrae (Whitchurch-Stouffville) to improve public and municipal visibility
    • Bob VE3WY suggested placing a geo cache on site to draw in the public
    • General discussion on the readiness of club assets to fulfill emergency communications based on the experience during the ice storm Dec 21st and 22nd
  7. Name Tags - Doug VE3VS reported that the name tags should be available next month
  8. 6 meter SSB net - Mondays, 8pm 50.175 +/- 10 – Chris VE3NRT
    • Chris VE3NRT announced the creation of the 6 m net. First net was held yesterday Jan 6th. Chris encouraged members to join the net each Monday
  9. By laws – Geoff VA3GS
    • Original document has been cleaned up (grammar and spelling)
    • The current plan is to bring the substantive changes to the board with proposed options and then bring this to the club to vote
  10. Splatter Blog – Chris VE3NRT
  11. Steve VE3UT will write an update on Field Day to publish in the blog
  12. Doug VE3VS reported that the solar flux index is over 200
  13. Steve VE3UT requested help from anyone with experience in tracking RF noise interfering with his shack
    • Doug VE3VS suggested the club form an RFI committee to help club members address these types of issues
  14. Break at 20:22 followed by swap meet
Meeting adjourned at 21:00

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